Miss Marlee


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photo website.

I like to frequent the local dog park and take pictures of our furry friends having fun!

My passion for dogs and dog photography stemmed from getting my first dog… Miss Marlee. She is a Portuguese Podengo, born May 2015. We live in the countrysides of Ontario, Canada.

Marlee is a very active pup who can be very difficult sometimes. Her instinct to run and chase take over when she gets on a scent. Since we live in the country, there are a lot of bunnies and coyotes for her to sniff out!  She is 100% a country dog and could not spend one night surrounded by concrete.

When she is fully exercised, she is a very calm and well behaved pup, so we spend a lot of time at the dog parks where she can release her energy.

She is a very beautiful girl, so i hope you enjoy seeing her pictures!

 For a more detailed look at all sorts of dog photos, here is a direct link to my portfolio:

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