Winter Wonderland

Flashback to a couple of weeks ago
This is my front yard after a snow storm. Winter time in the country is such a peaceful and beautiful place. No cars or people ruining the fresh powder with garbage, foot prints, or exhaust fumes.

This is Miss Marlee enjoying the fresh powder while running rampant in the corn fields (my backyard). We bought her a sweater for the cold days, but she manages to take them off within 5 min of wearing it. She runs back and forth through the fields, so I’m sure she has enough blood flowing to stay warm. She is a country dog who can never live in the city again.

We had an ice storm after the snow started to melt, leaving thick sheets of ice all over the property. Once the weather started to warm up, the ice was a nice and shiny addition to the already spectacular country sunsets. Perfect winter evening.

Having our driveway covered in ice was not so nice. Great for the new drivers like myself! Have to learn how the car works very quickly, or else I would end up in the ditch. Three cheers to gaining experience!

The winter sky holds a lot more stars then the summer sky. This year has been the perfect temperature for winter bonfires!

Bonfires πŸ”₯ + moonlight πŸŒ™ + bright shining stars 🌟 = ❄ Winter Wonderland ❄

Overall, this season has been magical and I’m happy I live in the country. You can’t have the same experiences in the city.

Fast forward to now and the snow is gone. The sun is out and we are experiencing above normal temperatures for this time of the year. I will take full advantage of the nice weather!

The same corn fields Miss Marlee ran in a couple of weeks ago are now rendered unuseable. The fields have melted, leaving behind soft, squishy, unwalkable mud.
But I’m sure it’s not over yet. We will have another snow storm before the summet hits. And when it does…. I’ll enjoy my Winter Wonderland once more.


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