Working Dogs… Or working like a dog?

Never a dull moment here at the pawtography studio!

I am currently working on a consultation with a client. We are at the first stage of the photo shoot process – Which is a One on One consultation. During these conversations, I get a feel for the time lines the client has in place, along with the target goals for the project I have been hired for. This also gives my client a chance to ask questions.

This is all so very exciting! I am currently working with a local farm who (among many services) will offer registered breeding of working dogs – Border collies! I have been hired to take detailed pictures of the parents in their natural habitat and have been asked what background setting would be best for the project.

Backgrounds are very important. If they are too cluttered, it takes away for the power of the main subject. If there is nothing in the background, it can leave out important little tidbits of information that may help paint the bigger picture of the story you are trying to tell.

For this shoot – I have suggested we take the pictures with the farm in the background. I suggest this because they are meant to work, and the interested customers my clients will service are looking for working dogs. Showing the dogs in their natural habitat helps paint a picture that a dog alone will not highlight.  I would like to get pictures of the dogs with various farm animals, as well as some action shots. Of course the mandatory glamour shots will follow as well! The farm is also a very beautiful property that deserves some attention!

The shoot will begin soon enough. Just waiting for the final project details and my client to have their base set up and ready for the next portion of their business.  In the meantime – I am brainstorming picture ideas and cannot wait to put my thoughts into action!

Projects are always changing and I am ready for the task! Stay tuned for more updates on this project, along with future updates on more clients!

Dont forget: As per my last blog post – I am currently looking for some non-profit animal care organizations or events that may need a photographer! Email me if you have an organization in mind:


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