Seeing things from a different angle

This past week started like any other week. Monday came around, and the work week grind begins. We commute to the city, pay our dues, and rush home as quick as possible so we can enjoy the fresh country air! We run rampant through the 5 acre front yard! Chase ball, birds and each other, followed by ventures to the local dog parks. Then it’s bed time, so we can wake up the next day and start over. Never a dull moment!

But this week, while trying to lift Miss Marlee into the car so we can head off to the park – I made an error. I did not lift with my legs. I lifted my 55lb, hyper dog from the ground to the car – and I did not lift with my legs. I’m sure you can guess what happened next…. I hurt my back. I could not walk straight. I could not sleep properly, and worst of all – I could not get down to the ground and shoot the dogs at the park!

It was quite the adjustment. I have had my camera on my side at the dog park for months now. I have turned it into my passion. And here I am… standing in the same spots that helped ignite my passion… And there was nothing i could do about it. The camera was at home. I left it there on purpose. I knew I would be tempted to bend down and take just one shot. But you know how that is… You can never just take one shot! I did not want to throw out my back any further. So I just stood there.

I quickly realized that I was seeing the park differently. I actually just got to stand there, and watch all the dogs and any point in time. There was so much going on! And now my vision was not limited to what I could see in my lens… I could see all around me! It was great, and I took in everything around me and enjoyed the break.

It is still not the same, and I am glad my back is now feeling better. I can go back to the parks and continue to master my new found skill. The weather is getting nicer and summer is right around the corner! Hope to see some of you out there on my next adventure!


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