Who is Pawtography?

I apologize for not writing in my blog as  often as I should. The weather  has been really nice as of late, which has left little time for sitting behind a computer. But today the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I purchased myself a keyboard for my iPad. I am sitting on my back porch, staring out at 100 acres of corn fields that are waiting to be planted. It’s time I take a moment and tell you a little bit more about myself.

Hi! My name is Ellie. I reside in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in the city, but moved out to the country about 2 years ago. It was time for a change. I am no longer interested in the hustle of the city life. My main reason for moving was because of our dog… Miss Marlee the Portuguese Podengo.

My boyfriend and I were living in a small two bedroom apartment, right in the core of suburban life.  We felt we were ready to expand our little family, so the hunt for a dog began. It was quite ironic, because I have never been a dog person. I despised them I feared them. I avoided them. But then we met Marlee, and I was willing to expand the horizon and get a dog.

It did not take long for me to adapt. We got Marlee at 11 weeks old, so puppy dog eyes were in full effect. From clumsy running, to head tilts at every new sight… It was cuteness overload! I don’t know a sane minded person who could be immune to the power of puppy.

As Marlee grew, it became quite evident that she had an above average hyper personality. The two bedroom apartment was quickly outgrown. We were stuck in a position to decide – The apartment or the dog? It was not a very difficult choice.

So we blasted the song “Peaches”, packed our bags… and moved out to the country! I have never once looked back. We went from busy streets, crowds of people, large buildings and traffic to dead silence, 100’s of acres of land, tractor traffic and no buildings. It’s like living at the cottage. The only thing that is missing is the water. But that’s what weekend adventures are for!

It took a while to adjust to the slower pace and silent streets. We spent a year adapting to the new life around us. But like all things… You get used to your surroundings. I found there was still something missing. I was living in my ideal location, I have a loving boyfriend, and a dog that I adore. But I needed a hobby.

I have grown up with no real hobbies. Lots of interests in things – yes – but nothing that I dedicated my heart and soul to. I have helped others find this niche and expose their inner powers.. but i never really did it for myself.

This year I have found my hobby. My niche. My one passion I can pour my heart and soul into. And that is taking pictures of pets.

I have always been into picture taking. For as long as i can remember – Whenever there was a camera near by, I would take the opportunity to shoot a picture. But I never read up on it, I never invested into a proper camera, and I never really looked at “the bigger picture” (see what I did there?)

It all started with Miss Marlee this year. (Why didn’t I think about this when she was still a puppy?!?!?!) We take her to dog parks regularly, and I started to bring my camera. I would take pictures of the dogs playing and having fun (in sport mode). I then went home to edit them, and then shared them to the dog park’s Facebook groups. Interest from fellow dog park goers was very quick, and the reactions were very positive and motivating. It led me to the trusty website google, where I searched for tips on action pet photography.

I continued to go to parks, and practice the techniques that I was reading about online. The results were great, and my shots were improving. I graduated from sports mode to full manual mode. The positive reactions were still strong, so it was time for the next step.

I got myself a Facebook page, a website, and business cards. I continued to go to the parks and practice my new techniques, only now I am handing out cards so people can easily find my page and view the pictures I have taken of their dog.

And that is where I am today. I found my passion. My niche. My hidden talent. Something worth my time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears. I have gone from point and click to large visions and achievable dreams.

I thank you for being with me on this journey so soon into the progress. I will continue to teach myself, and shoot pictures whenever the opportunity strikes. I look forward to the long road ahead, and hope you can follow me on this road and watch me grow.


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