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Seeing things from a different angle

This past week started like any other week. Monday came around, and the work week grind begins. We commute to the city, pay our dues, and rush home as quick as possible so we can enjoy the fresh country air! We run rampant through the 5 acre front yard! Chase ball, birds and each other, […]

Who is Pawtography?

I apologize for not writing in my blog as  often as I should. The weather  has been really nice as of late, which has left little time for sitting behind a computer. But today the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I purchased myself a keyboard for my iPad. I am sitting on […]

Working Dogs… Or working like a dog?

Never a dull moment here at the pawtography studio! I am currently working on a consultation with a client. We are at the first stage of the photo shoot process – Which is a One on One consultation. During these conversations, I get a feel for the time lines the client has in place, along […]

The Great Venture Update

Greetings! So I wanted to keep you posted on the current happenings of this blog.. and this site.. and my future visions! First off… I welcome you to the beginning  of my journey! I feel honored you are taking the time to read my story… And hopefully follow along as we embark on this great […]